Doreen Has been at the club for a number of years and was part of West Drayton Club. . Doreen is a coordinator for Therapy Dogs which is a charity that takes dogs for walks for people in need who are unable to walk their dog, and visting such as old peoples homes. This is a good charity that does good work in brightening peoples lives. Doreen makes the worlds best tea.


Jackie Does our Friday bookings and also helps with insructing the classes. Jackie is a dog groomer although she has closed her client list she can advise you on your grooming requirements. Jackie enjoys obedience competition and with her dog Zak a Sheltie they do very well and have had lots of success at various shows. She is currently training for competition her new dog a Border Collie called Kia. Jackie will welcome you to the club and help you book your dog’s course on Fridays.


SHEILA Instructs at the club having previosly instructed at Bark-shire Dog Training School. She adopted her late friends 8 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback boy Mtoto who joins her two Ridgeback girls, Kasi & Tigoni. She has shown one of her past Ridgbacks and has gained her gold KCGC award with Kasi. She is involved with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust.Sheila has been on several seminars and courses on dogs. Tigoni is our current meet and greet and demo dog.

Between us all we run the dog club on Tuesday and Friday evenings